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Pictured below are puppies that are ready to go meaning they have been moved into our showroom area and have been or are being weaned. Being weaned means they are with in a week of being ready to go home. Ready to go means just that they are ready to go today.

Sorry I have gone to a great home already, but there will be more of my Teddy Buddies on here soon.

If you always wanted a small, snuggly companion who's also smart and sweet-tempered then look no further this could be the perfect fit to your family. This breed started out as therapy dogs but ended up appealing to just about anyone.


Sorry I have gone to a great home already, but there will be more of my Poochin buddies on here soon.

This is a small Hybrid known for being affectionate, alert, cheerful, friendly, and quiet. It is a cross between a Poodle and Japanese Chin. The most common colors of the Poochin is black, brown, golden, gray, and white.

If you always wanted a fun loving dog , this is the breed you want! I don't think they have ever met a stranger, they are just that loving. They really enjoy romping and playing, but are always willing to be picked up and loved on. You can just sit in your chair and they will be happy to jump up in your lap to steal some loving from you.

Available Puppies

Below are photo's of Pups that are ready to go!

                                Teddy Bear

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This breed has a long coat that consist mainly of white as primary color and black or tan as secondary color. The snout is normally longer but there are some that will get a shorter snout. The tail is long and very fluffy. Can be very active and social, easy to train and very willing to please, great at agility, and great with other animals.

Sorry I have gone to a great home already, but there will be more of my Zamore' buddies on here soon.


The Cavachon is a very smart and active breed, able to quickly pick up on many tricks and follow obedience training very well. They love to exercise and play. However, they are better than most breeds at entertaining themselves, which can ease the burden off of a less than active owner. They display a great mix of activity and contentment, always looking to find a soft lap to rest in after play time!

GO AHEAD take a look ! :)

Below are Photos taken of litters that where recently born. They are not ready to go at this time. We do not take deposits on any puppy until it is at least two weeks old and at that point it will be at our discretion  to go ahead and allow deposits on certain puppies. Not all puppies develop at the same rate.

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New Litters

Puppies still with MOMS

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Hello! Thank you for visiting with us here at Blue View Kennel. We are located  20 miles Southeast of Indianapolis, Indiana. In wonderful North Eastern Shelby county.  the "Home Place" of our family farm. Known locally as "PITTS FARM". The home place sits on top of a hill that overlooks a valley that "Little Blue River" runs through.

We offer Very LOVING and Well socialized PUPPIES for you to take home and have a wonderful friend for life. Here is a list of the designer puppies that we offer; Cavachon, Japillon, Malti-Poo, Morkie, PooChin, Teddy Bear ( Shichon ), Yorkie-Poo and ZaMore'.We raise high quality  puppies from registered parents. All of our puppies are raised at our home, as a part of our family, in a clean healthy environment. Our puppies are raised with lots of TLC, are well socialized and come to you as intelligent, loyal, gentle and playful additions to your family that just LOVE to make you SMILE.

 We are committed to raising happy, healthy, loving puppies with outgoing personalities. We breed for good health and temperament. At Blue View Kennel, our goal is to ensure your puppy will bring you many years of love and enjoyment. Lots of attention and pampering begins for your puppy even before the day they are born.

Blue View Kennel (THANKS YOU )for your interest in giving our puppies a great place to call home.





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Thank you for your interest in Blue View Kennel and its puppies. If you would like to get in contact with us for general questions please fill in the form below with your Name, and Email if it is about a certain puppy then use the form that is below the photo viewer for that puppy. click on the submit button after you have filled out the form. We will get back with you as soon as possible but if you prefer to call then please due our phone number is 317-512-3210 and ask for Linda


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